Monday, 29 May 2017

{RECIPE} Easy DIY Leaf Dog Treats (Naturally Green!)

Since many of you are enjoying your late spring, here is a fresh and natural leafy green dog treat recipe to wrap up the month of May.  If (like us) you're in more of a fall feeling, you can simply swap the natural (or artifical) colouring add-ins to create gold, orange, brown, etc. It is the last week of autumn here, with winter and leaves are falling, days grow ever shorter, and nights are getting chilly (great for dog snuggles...), but since I already have a pretty maple leaf treat post prepped and waiting for our Canada 150th furfriends next month, I decided to go green for these treats.  Plus, our boys love their wheatgrass!

Friday, 26 May 2017

Red White and Blue Marbled Star Treats for Patriotic Pups

These red white and blue treats for patriotic pups show how simple it is to adapt the same marbling technique as our Unicorn Bones to other fun treats. We're really feeling rather jealous of our American furfriends who will be having a long weekend for Memorial Day, but we're very good and giving dogs so we're going to share a special post for them all the same. :) 

Monday, 22 May 2017

{RECIPE} "Jelly Tip" Carob and Yogurt Gummy Dog Treats

These doggone delicious treats were inspired by the classic kiwi Jelly Tip ice cream treats. For our furfriends overseas, Jelly Tips are an ice cream cream stick treat of vanilla ice cream topped with raspberry jelly (the jelly tip) and coated in chocolate, and have been made by local manufacturers Tip Top since 1951. It's a kiwi icon!  I've been wanting to share a carob gummy recipe with you for a while and simply couldn't get my brain past the combination of chocolate and rosy red jelly. And really...can you blame me? :) So let's dogify it!