Monday, 20 March 2017

{RECIPE} Cute and Simple Spring Flower Dog Treats

Happy first day of spring to our northern furfriends! Today's treat is flower-shaped, especially for you. Regular readers will already know how much I love using my little circle plunger cutters for pocket-friendly mini dog treats (like these, these, these...) but I have other shapes in my baking stash as well including the lovely little flower plungers used to make these cookies. So cute and so simple! The "pop out" piece in the flower plunger has a little point in the center so that each blossom is formed not only with petals but with a little center indent as well.  They are beautiful plain (and are best kept plain if you're planning on carrying them in your pockets), or you can use the indent as a convenient little divot for adding a wee drop of melted carob or yogurt (as shown).

Friday, 17 March 2017

Tug of Tugs! DIY Double Woven Fleece Dog Tug Toy

A tug toy woven out of tug toys?  Oh yes we did!  Why? Simply because someone asked us if we could try to make one! No promises, but if you have a doggone crazy idea that you'd like us to try, don't be shy!  Since this toy was slotting into our schedule on St. Patrick's Day, I went with a wild rainbow of colours, adding in white to make the extra eighth colour for the multi-coloured mix. This also helps you to see what's what in the how-to photos below.