Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Lumps of Christmas Coal "Naughty List" Dog Treats

Who's a good naughty boy or girl? Just for giggles, here is an easy idea for edible dog treat lumps of coal! We've also included a link to a fun free printable mix-and-match set of Christmas coal themed tags and labels if you're gifting these treats to your favorite naughty or nice furfriends. :)

The tasty little lumps of coal pictured in this post were made using the same recipe as our Halloween Black Cat Cookies.  Hand rolling into little bite-sized balls and baking round or flattening gently with a fork is a simple way to shape your coal cookies, or you can roll the dough and cut into awesome little niblets of coal using little fondant/cookie plunger cutters. These inexpensive little tools make it possible to quickly and easily make A LOT of tiny little biscuits from any rollable treat dough. Great for a little treats and for portable training treats or rewards.

To dress these treats up for gifting, a Santa sack style drawstring treat bag in Christmas colours or fabric would be pawesome (see how to sew your own treat bags here), or you can pretty up your favourite packaging with these cute Lump of Coal themed mix-and-match printables from Creativity Unmasked.

We have a Christmas post for your ever weekday between now and the start of our offline holidays, with toys, decorations, treats, and more so stay tuned! See you again tomorrow, furfriends!


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    1. Hi Lynn! :) The recipe is linked in the post text above to our Black Cat Halloween Cookies. The lumps of coal treats were made with the same dark dog treat dough, just shaped differently.


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